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Who We Are

B Platform is a b2b platform linking small brand creators and their overseas professional buyers (boutique retailers, restaurants, hotels, etc.). We are the first business solution, totally dedicated to small boutiques in China, for end-to-end procurement with European craftmen and creators.
B Plaform also aims to raise brand visibility for craft creators who have few capacities to export to Chinese market. We secure our partner’s authenticity via blockchain technology, and nudge professional buyers to build a trustful and sustainable relationship with them.

As a cross-border facilitator, B Platform promotes high quality and sustainable brands in three main fields: Fashion, Design, Food & Beverage.

Our offers are not only under environmental concerns (limit travels, lower unnecessary raw-material import-export), but also based on a new economic approach: real-time demand driven supply chain.

We believe in the emerging share economy. Therefore, we connect our members and business partners overall value chain and share with them our multicultural conviction.

How It Works

B Platform provides an internal search engine to list China based boutiques and places where owners would be interested in sourcing authentic European products.

If you are a brand vendor of artisanal products, create your user’s profile on B Platform, then you may discover your future business buyers and export partners in China and contact them directly.

If you own a boutique in China, claim your place on B Platform or create a new place when it does not included by our search engine. Once created your profile, you will be able to showcase your place and POST YOUR BIDDING EVENTS on B Platform to artisanal brand vendors in Europe.

Have some favorite brands? To include them and optimize your purchasing process, drop us an email to contact@bplatform.fr.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP (30 days free membership with limited options)

For Brand Vendors

Find overseas retailer partners (their places, futur bidding events and comments given by B Platform community)

POST AN PRODUCT OFFER with your brand story, product pictures. as well as b2b promotions (optional)

Contact buyers directly via chatbox and get their feedback on your products

Give your comments on the buyers in China when you close a deal

Be part of B Platform community and receive our newsletters

For Boutique Retailers (or Buyers)

Showcase your place and events to overseas product suppliers

Consult brand profiles including their products and seasonal promotions

Contact brands with chatbox and negociate your sourcing condition

Give your comments on brands and their products

Receive B Platform newsletters with brand vendor trends and news

Other Services (coming soon)

Access to all services including being assisted by B Platform team on your import export strategies regarding Chinese market, track your deals end-to-end, etc.

B Platform team wish you an easy and great deal in the world’s largest luxury consuming market!

Meet Our Team

We are people in between China and France.

We understand people in China and in France.

We love the both culture of China and France.

That’s  why we will be able to provide the opportunity of meeting valuable people and brands in these two countries.

Founder & CEO: SUN Wei (孙蔚)

After 15 years of corporate finance experience in European headquarter of large companies, Wei created B Platform to dedicate her corporate expertise to trade between Europe and China. A graduate of INSEAD Global EMBA and Kedge Business School in France, Wei has carried out a dozen large-scale projects within complex cross border structures.

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B Platform 是首家以国内中小实体店为核心,面向欧洲原创小众品牌的MARKETPLACE。我们为中欧双方寻找海外合作伙伴提供网上通道,以及各种促进零售的增值服务。

B Platform 旨在为中小商户提供一系列无中介,跨行业的新兴解决方案。通过数字化帮助手工艺原创品牌提高在海外市场的知名度,保护品牌的形象和知识产权。并且促进品牌与海外零售商之间的长期合作。





如果您拥有一家或多家店面,在B Platform上以访客注册搜索您的店铺。在您的店铺页面上点击”Claim this place”, 申请开店求购原创品牌。我们会在48小时内与您核实身份,为您开通求购广告页面。如果您没有找到您的店铺,点击开店求购原创品牌,管理员核实店铺信息后即可发布求购信息。

已经和不少欧洲品牌有过合作? 您也可以寄信contact@bplatform.fr,我们将为您度身订造海购流程,降低进口成本。


每月会员制 (30天免费试用)


成为B Platform平台会员,免费刊登您的品牌广告,以及最新宣传


通过B Platform 交流平台直接与零售商洽谈并且得到他们对贵公司产品和品牌形象的回馈



成为B Platform平台会员,在B Platform交流平台上展示店铺信息和求购广告




全年会员制 (即将推出)

由B Platform 全程提供营销增值服务 ,包括市场定位,战略分析以及进出口业务跟踪

我们衷心希望B Platform能够帮助您充分发掘欧洲轻奢品市场在中国的潜力!






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