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China import market: facts and trends 2017

May 29, 2018

China import market: facts and trends 2017

In the forum of the SIAL 2018, we invited industry expert and professional visitors from different fields to share industry trends. Now we have put together some of the content and presented it to everyone. Today’s content is shared by representatives from Alibaba. It focuses on the development trend of imported food.

  • The trade surplus of exports and imports narrowed year by year, and the growth rate of imports was greater than exports. China is shifting from manufacturing to a big consumer country.
  • Imports generated almost 20% growth rate in the general trade mainly based on offline and the free-trade zone imports mainly based on online.
  • There is great potential for imports.
  • The free trade policies related to tariffs and favorable policies such as “One Belt One Road” have made the import market more open and prosperous.
  • The growth rate of fast-moving consumer goods imported in 2017 was 18%, which was 6 times that of the overall market, and the trend of consumption upgrade of fast-moving consumer goods was significant.

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