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A win-win program 💪

September 14, 2019

In order to promote Franco-Chinese exchanges between TPE/SME, B Platform will provide a programme for collaboration between French and Chinese creators/artisans.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these two communities to better collaborate:

We're interested. Put us in the loop!

What's new in the shops


Sanlipop opened their first short-lived sale in Shanghai. They chose a surprising partner, The PuLi Hotel and Spa. Indeed, these sales took place in the reception rooms of this luxury hotel

For those who know Shanghai in the 90s, remember the first private sales of Vuitton, Chanel in Hilton hotels? The practice of cross-sector sales is ultimately not so new.


The whole of China is still on holiday! This 70th national holiday (7 consecutive holidays) will still arouse the strong desires of chinese middle class travel, at home and abroad. Epermarket gives advice to Chinese travellers on how to adopt a healthy diet during the trip.


Chinese consumers of cosmeticproducts are increasingly demanding, but what are their difficulties and needs during a long-distance trip? K11 Beauty summarized them and gave us their recommendations on products and solutions.

And do you, do your products meet these needs of Chinese consumers?

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