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Christmas Celebration Ideas

November 27, 2018

Christmas celebrations are coming all over Europe – are you curious how it is celebrated in China?

Shanghai and Hong-Kong are full of international tourists, but also there are so many expatriates now, who come to live in these cities, and a big part from them have been settled down for long time. They also bring the festivity of European Christmas celebrations with them: all the festive hustle, ice-rinks, Santa Claus, and Christmas market traditions that originated in different corners of Europe. Christmas festivals in China is another possibility for people living there to experience how it felt back home and for local people it is another possibility to gather with friends and have a good time. As a recent holiday, it is mostly celebrated by younger people.

Western culture has brought the tradition to celebrate Christmas with giving away some nice presents. Now, also in China people are buying some gifts to make their loved ones happy! Entrepreneurs and companies can enjoy the changing buying habits in the country – the marketing efforts are so enormous that consumption rates are rising. Also you will find the Western decorations in different big Chinese cities – a Christmas tree for example and some Christmas bells.

For the holidays, some will eat traditional Chinese dishes that are usually prepared for the Chinese New Year or other festivals, others are compromising between Eastern and Western cuisine and are having mixed dinners. Also, a lot of local people want to try the original Western dishes that are prepared for Christmas in European countries. French cuisine is of course highly appreciated in vibrant cities like Shanghai.

On the Made in France fair taking place on the 12th of November B Platform team saw many local creators and artisans who produce delicious unique foods that can contribute to the celebrations of Christmas in China that are gaining popularity. Among them, we met Foie Gras producers from Burgundy region, named Coudray Ozbolt. They have an expertise of four generations and are sharing it now with the people. Along with Foie Gras that has been traditionally a popular Christmas treat, the local also says that la Bûche de Noel is the essential sweet part of the Christmas feast. Chocolate is an essential part of the recipe to prepare this traditional French dessert and we can say that Rrraw Le Chocolat Cru can be a good opportunity to make your cake delicious. Chocolat Weiss, original chocolate producers since 1882, have also the backing chocolate, which can bring the authentic French touch to the baked products abroad.

Chestnuts are an important part of the Christmas celebrations in Europe and in France in particular, remember the smell from the Christmas markets? A local French artisan is creating delicious foods with chestnuts – Roger Descours. And how could we forget about all the delicious desserts that are associated with the Christmas spirit. On the Made in France fair we saw Le Criollo that introduced a new way to organise an advent calendar in the form of a tree with little cosy houses just as those that are found in the European cities. And what other place is associated this much with Christmas as Alps? On the Made in France fair we met Le Crétin des Alpes, who are creating original treats from Alps.

With the Christmas traditions that are spreading from Europe to other places in the world, everyone can feel the Christmas spirit in different, and sometimes unexpected, locations. Bring your authentic creations to China to bring the festive French holiday spirit to vibrant big Chinese cities. You can contact us for more information on how to start the journey at contact@bplatform.fr

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